Happy Friday everyone!
I hope y'all had a great week! I know that I did and it was weird because it went both fast and slow... if that makes any sense haha! Do you have any big plans for the weekend? Mine is jam packed, that's for sure! Tonight Cody and I are going square dancing with my church group (we go every year and it's soooo fun!) then our house is having some company stay overnight. Saturday is my and Cody's 2 year anniversary!! I'm so excited to celebrate this with him! I couldn't ask for a better partner in crime; he is truly my other half! :D We are planning to go see a movie (haven't done that in forever!) and go for a nice dinner. We will also be celebrating with our friends because one of them just had a birthday this week and invited us to her birthday party! Aside from all the fun, I will DEFINITELY need to find time to be productive as I have 4 exams this next week... YIKES!!

So let me explain what we are going to do on this page every week. As I have mentioned in my story, I have a love for blogs and Pinterest! So I decided to incorporate Pinterest into my blog :) One of my favorite blogs I follow is called Iowa Girl Eats (fellow Iowa girl!!) and every Friday there is an entry called Friday Favorites (linked to last week's entry) where she share her favorite finds from that week. (Thanks for the idea Kristin!) Therefore, every Friday I plan to do a post where I share my favorite pins from the week (either ones I repinned or pinned myself) and link the image to the site it came from! Awesome right?!? :) How many of you love Pinterest?

This week I actually didn't get onto Pinterest until today... can you believe it?!? I know I can't!! So, here a few that I found (or pinned myself) today. Hope you enjoy!

Healthy Butterfingers!! Say what?!?
I love wreaths and since Thanksgiving is less than 3 weeks away, I thought this pin was appropriate to share. Plus, how cute and simple is this! :)
Whether you are throwing a party or planning for a wedding reception, this is perfect because you never know how much to buy!! This will guide you in the decisions.
I love kitchens! I still haven't decided what type of kitchen I would like when I own my own home but this French country kitchen has so many aspects that I love - the clean look, little details, country-style... :)
In our busy lives, I know that every person gets a stiff neck from one reason or another. This pin was perfect because it gives us ways to stretch those neck muscles. I haven't tried them yet, but hopefully soon!
Have a great weekend! :)


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