Today is truly a HAPPY FRIDAY!! Today marked the first day of our Thanksgiving break!!!!! YAYYYYYY! Here's to a full week off of classes (sadly, no necessarily homework) and taking time to rejuvenate before finals comes around. To start my break off, I'll be heading to Iowa City to visit one of my really good friends, Mackenzie!! I haven't seen her in almost a year :( and it is clearly overdue! (I just realized how much I am using exclamation points but I'm just so excited haha)
Any excited plans for you over the weekend?
Anyone celebrate a week-long Thanksgiving break too? :)

I hope you enjoy my Pinterest finds from this week! :)
Scarves have become my favorite accessory and this one is great because it has a great pattern but also enough variety of color to wear with almost anything :)
I love this DIY because it is so simple but has a great effect! It would work for a party decoration, night light, or any creative use.
I am a HUGE fan of Rachael Ray and she just released her first hardcover book! It is literally a year of meals her and her husband John made in their home for family and friends. She gives over 500 recipes with home photos AND if the book is flipped over, you will see her co-author (her husband!) wrote "My Year in Cocktails," which provides over 100 recipes :) On store shelves now!
This website showed 31 things that can be put in the freezer, which is perfect for me because sometimes I'm not sure if things can be froze or not. Great source!
What can I say?!? How cute is this puppy? :D
Have a great weekend!!!


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