As a college student, sometimes things take over your life unexpectedly. Random meetings come up, having to catch up on homework, and even deciding last minute to do something fun instead of being productive [which is occurring tonight... going out to celebrate a friend's birthday -- but only for a little while ;)] In light of this week's events related to Superstorm Sandy (another thing that made me procrastinate on Monday as I watched CNN all day!) I wanted to just take a minute to show my support for everyone out east and sharing my prayers with them.

This is a shot of Atlantic City, NJ after the storm went through. Found at
For this post, I was originally going to talk about my meeting I went to yesterday and what we did; however, I am still new at this "I should take pictures of things I do so I can share them on my blog" thing. So, I am going to keep you in suspense about that until after next week's meeting :)
In replacement, I thought I would share a survey I found on Ashley's blog! It is called ABC's of Happiness, sharing things that make me happy from A to Z :)
A - Apples. I love how crisp they are and Honey Crisps are my favorite!
B - Boy Meets World. This is my FAVORITE show from my childhood and I have all 7 seasons on DVD :)
C - Cody aka my boyfriend. He just brings light to my days, especially the drab ones. He can always make me smile!
D - Dogs. Especially my three family dogs - Lacy, Asia, and Jersey. Love them to death!

That's my dad with Asia (my baby) on his lap, Lacy on the left, and Jersey down below :)
E - Elephants. I have always had a special place for elephants in my heart. They are my favorite animal and if I could be an animal, I would be an elephant. They have such incredible memories, they are so smart, and very majestic (in my opinion).
F - Football. It has always been a part of my life - football manager for all four years in high school, watch college football (Go Panthers!), and Cody and I share a love for the Patriots (Sunday is football day at our house... no exceptions during the season haha!)
G - Girls Nights. I love my time with Cody and also by myself but there are definitely times when you just need a night with the girls, catching up and making memories :)
H - History. Being a future social studies teacher, you would hope I liked history. I love knowing where people have been and how they have grown over time.
I - Iowa. Although I was not born here, it will always be my home!
J - Jackets. Whether it be outerwear or part of the outfit, I love to incorporate them. They just complete a look.
K - Kisses with Cody. Enough said :)
L - Laughing. It is my favorite calorie burner and it can always turn a day around.
M - Mom. Her and I share a special connection that can never be replaced :)
N - New Zealand. I visited this beautiful country when I was a junior in high school. I enjoy reminiscing about the experiences I had there and hoping that one day I will return. (The center picture of the collage at the top of every page is from New Zealand)
O - Orchids. This is one of my favorite flowers!
P - Purple. My favorite color!
Q - Quality Time. This is such an important part of my life; spending time with family and friends (and Cody of course) just makes life all the more worth it!
R - Roomies. I love hanging out with my roommates... it's just so fun!
S - Spreadsheets. As you know, I love lists. To make things so much easier and organized, I like to keep lists in Excel :)
T - Tea. Hot or Iced... every morning please!
U - University of Northern Iowa. My awesome college I attend. It's community atmosphere and the connections I made helped me grow into the woman I am today!
V - Vacations. Because I love to travel AND relax, vacations are a perfect way to kill two birds with one stone :)
W - Waterfalls. They are just so beautiful and each unique in its own way! (Plus, I jumped through one in Fiji!)
X - Xylophones. I was always one of those kids that jumped at the chance to play the xylophone at the concerts in elementary! I just like how they sound.
Y - Younkers. I love that you can get great quality products for lower prices! And I also used to work for them.
Z - Zumba. I love how I can get to my Hispanic roots through zumba workouts AND it makes you feel so great after you are done!

That is it! I hope you liked it!
What did you think of Superstorm Sandy? Did you know anyone affected by it?
Can you relate to any of my happy moments? :)

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