How is everyone's spring going so far? It is unusually chilly around here and we are supposed to get a little snow tomorrow... BOO! I am so ready for the snow to melt and for the temperature to rise! I want to switch out my winter wardrobe for my spring/summer items, my boots for my sandals, and to put my coat in storage.
So tomorrow marks the last day of my final spring break as a college student, but I am lucky because I have one more week without classes due to my full week field experience for teaching (which I'll explain in my post next week). This week has been great and definitely the break I needed!
Cody and I started out the week with a short trip to Omaha. We left Sunday morning and arrived at the Old Market that afternoon. It was a cute area of town! After the Old Market, we hit up a different kind of shopping, Westroads Mall (more of Cody's cup of tea!). It was huge and had some great stores. At this point, it was almost supper time but not quite so we checked out Whole Foods Market. I had never been to one and it was cool. After looking at healthy food, we did not eat it. We went to Cheesecake Factory for some burgers and cheesecake :) Later that night, we went to a casino in Council Bluffs for something to do then went back to the hotel and hung out before going to sleep. The only sad thing about that whole day is that I did not take ANY pictures! How could that happen?!? Sorry guys.
Monday was different though because we went to the zoo (which was literally down the street from our hotel) and I love to take pictures of the animals! We especially loved the penguins, gorillas, and lion cubs :)
After spending half the day at the zoo, we went back to the hotel to regroup. We decided to go check out a puppy kennel place and look at the cute puppies that were for sale... SO CUTE! I so want a puppy but our landlord does not want us to have one. I guess I'll have to wait a little while longer. Cody really wants a pug and I think they are adorable so we're all set on that front :)
After the puppies, we went to supper at a great Italian restaurant called Vincenzo's. I love Italian food! While at supper, we decided we wanted to go back to the casino later that night but needed something to do in the mean time so we went to another mall called Oakview and walked around. Needless to say, after Monday, our legs were sore from all the walking we did that day. We went to the casino and had a good time. We played some penny slots and I came out with an extra $16... pretty good for me, especially when I don't spend very much.
The next morning we got up and on our way home we stopped at Bass Pro Shops in Council Bluffs and Trader Joe's in Des Moines - Powerberries all the way!! YUM!

Wednesday was uneventful during the day but I went and spend some quality time with my family that night. Mom and I did a little shopping at Younkers then we hung out with my dad at the house.
Thursday and Friday were mostly work days but Thursday I also took my Praxis II exam on social studies content knowledge for my teacher license and PASSED!! I was really excited that I didn't have to worry about it anymore. Friday night Cody and I hung out with some friends and had a good time!
Today was also a great day! I got up and met my mom to get my haircut then we went to Maurices and killed some time while waiting for my dad so we could go get something to eat. I then went home and relaxed for the afternoon. Now, I'm just hanging out with Cody. I will be gone from home for the next five days so I thought some quality time was just the ticket :)

Well that's all I have for you! I hope your week was as great as mine has been. I will fill you all in on the events of this coming week as they arrive :)

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