Hey everyone! Sorry it's been a while since I last posted. It's been a crazy week and a half! I created my first lesson plan of the semester, which I will share about later this week.
I wanted to update you on the challenges I have been partaking in during this past month.
Well, tomorrow marks the last day of my February sugar challenge. Let me tell you... it has not been easy. Having such a big sweet tooth made this challenge harder. Plus, I received chocolates for Valentine's Day and when we went grocery shopping Cody wanted some sweet snacky foods like cookies and cream pies. I won't lie, I did give in to my sweet tooth sometimes. However, I have realized that I have been more conscientious about the sweets I'm eating and have not been eating large amounts. When I finished up grocery shopping last week, I made sure to get more fruit, yogurt, and some snacks like flavored mini rice cakes. I plan to continue to tackle my sweet tooth and limit how much I intake.
As for my Lent challenge, I am doing really well! I have not logged in to Facebook or Pinterest since this challenge started two weeks ago. I have not read any blogs either. For Facebook, I couldn't figure out how to take the notifications off my phone, so whenever I get one sent to my phone I just clear it away and don't think about it. Now, don't get me wrong. There are times when I want to get on and check things, especially when I find out a friend of mine just got engaged and I want to tell her congratulations. Yesterday was kind of hard because I was at work with no tasks and little homework and wanted something to do, but I did not give in. I know that this challenge is helping in the long-run. It has helped me realize how much time I spend on these sites and how much I truly don't need to rely on it.
For March, I will continue my Lent challenge as the Lenten season does not end until March 29th. I also hope to read another free reading book to share with you all and give a book review. If you would like, I can share the title with you before I begin reading and you can read with me and comment on the book review.

How are your resolutions going?


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