It's me again!! Yesterday, I told you I would be sharing my plan for this blog for the 2013 year. This year's theme is to challenge myself and see how I learn from each situation. My hope is that I will continue to grow as a person through these challenges.

Now, normally when the new year begins people create a list of resolutions to complete by the end of that year. However, it seems that it works for a while but the momentum wears off. I read something a few weeks ago that talked about making that list, but instead of making them year-long, create monthly goals that, if successful, can be continued.

So this is my plan: each month I will share my journey through a new challenge, my thoughts and feelings, my success and failure, and what I had learned from the challenge (since that is what this blog is all about!). Here are the challenges I have chosen (more may be added) to share with you all! :)

  • Build a stronger relationship with Christ. One way I plan to do this is by reading the Bible every morning! Just taking 15-20 every morning and starting my day out with Christ I feel will jump start my mood and make the day that much greater! This is one of my resolutions that is not a month trial - this is a year-long challenge that I will share about. Hopefully, this will help me reach my long-term goal on my bucket list of reading the entire Bible :)
  • I have such a huge sweet tooth, so this next challenge might be a tough one for me. For one month, I will be cutting out excess sugar/sweet treats! AHHH!!! Because I know from research that if you cut out such a big temptation completely for a long time, the urge to eat it increases and can lead to binging. So after the first month, I probably won't keep it completely cut out but will limit the intake to less. This challenge will have specific instructions that I will share once that month comes.
  • Due to our crazy busy life, Cody and I sometimes resort to eating out at fast food restaurants or more pizza than is recommended. So, another month will consist of me cutting out all fast food and pizza!! (When it comes down to it, I might do these two separately but I haven't decided that yet.) I'm not sure how I will get Cody to completely go along with this but I will propose it to him ;) I have already helped myself prepare for this month but making a list of easy-to-prepare meals, something I can turn to after a crazy day and I need something quick and simple.
  • Every year for Lent, I try to give something up and commit my struggles with God. This year is no different. This year's challenge for Lent that might be the most difficult yet because I've chosen to give up all social media!! Because of my generation's attachment to social media (myself included) this may take lots of prayer! The only exception to this challenge is my blog because I wanted to continue to share its impact with you all. This challenge may also overlap another because Lent is 40 days long.
  • Last semester I wanted to read a book every month that wasn't for a class, but I didn't even pick one up until Christmas break started. So, I've decided that this year I wanted to make it part of my plan. Not to strain myself with time, I decided that I would read at least one book every other month and do a review of the book (without giving anything away) for everyone to hear! I love to free read, but it just seems like I can never find a time. Cody and I have decided to pick up again reading before we go to sleep every night :)
  • This next challenge was something I worked on last semester but I sort of fell out of habit midway through. For a month (and hopefully beyond), I will dress in a nice, sophisticated manner. This means no t-shirts or sweats (except at home). As a college student, this can be a task because it is convenient to just grab a t-shirt and throw it on with a pair of jeans. I want to get into the groove of dressing nicely for when I start my teaching career and have to look professional all the time. Plus, I read on a blog that even professors may make an opinion about a student by how they dress in certain situations.
  • My last resolution challenge I am including is a typical one that people make. Once a month, I will give you an update of Cody's and my plan of exercise and healthy eating. We were doing really well with this last year until spring break come along and our routine got off track. We have already starting picking back up and we can tell we've been off track for too long because soreness has consumed our bodies... but we know soreness means our muscles are working! (At least this means we still have some haha!) My goals for this part of the plan is to gain strength and endurance, burn body fat, and build confidence in the gym setting.

In addition to these challenge updates, I will continue to do my Pinterest Friday posts, share any DIY projects I complete or recipes I try, and share any special events that go on in my life. This semester I will also be more involved with teaching and education courses, so I will be including my experiences with that as well :)

What do you think of my plan? Do you have any resolutions this year? Have any advice?
I would love to hear from you all! :)


01/27/2013 10:25pm

Love this list...I might have to do a few of these with you:)


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