Hope everything has had a wonderful Thursday! For me, today was the day I got my first cold of the winter season. You know the drill: stuffy nose then sore throat then cough then runny nose... great! The past couple of days I've been treating my sore throat with lots of hot tea! It relieves a little of the soreness and feels so good. I ever tried chai tea for the first time today and it's like fall in a cup! :)
On the subject of tea, it's a perfect transition to what this post is all about! First, my mug collection! I swear if you give me another few years I will have twice as many mugs as I do now. With one cabinet designated for cups in our kitchen for four, I was running out of space for my mugs. Then, I saw this awesome craft on Pinterest and I knew I had to make it! You saw a sneak peek in last week's post of the project I created: a mug holder! The blog I got the craft from is Penny Wise Cook.
You start out with a board of wood. I used what I believe is pine and the dimensions were 12" x 24" x 1/2" (it was cut down to this particular length). I used a sponge brush to apply a nice gray acrylic paint to all sides. I only put one coat on the board and it covered it well while letting the wood look show through.

Once the board dried, I stenciled the "Cup of Joe" at the top. To do this, I printed what I want from the computer. Then cut close to the wording.
After being cut out, I shaded lead pencil on the back over the lettering as shown below.
Next, you place it face up on the board and can tape it down to keep in place (I didn't). You can maybe tell in the picture above the shaded one that I outlined the dark parts with a pen. What this does is transfers the lead from the pencil shading to the board. However, because my board was gray it didn't show up very well. Luckily, because my board was a soft wood, the outline indented onto the board itself. Once everything is outlined, you fill it in with a paint pen. Here is what I used.
I purchased a fine tip pack and I'm glad I did because it made it easier to fill in the skinny parts of the letters and the coffee cup. Once that was dry, I took white rubber-gripped cup hooks and screwed them into the board (you could drill a small hole first then screw in the make it easier but because of the soft board I didn't need to).
A couple of the hooks got a little crooked when I put them in but oh well. And I think the blogger I got this project from had a better hook arrangement but this works.
Here is the finished product!
Now I just need to hang it on the wall... I'm thinking of using command strips of some sort. Anyone have any ideas?
I also wanted to share my beginning progress of my Greece scrapbook.
This scrapbook matches the one I used to create my "1st year of college" scrapbook.
To begin, I had to think about what I wanted to use as my background for my pages. I then realized I had the perfect solution. When I was in Greece I grabbed one of their newspapers as a souvenir; however, I had no idea where I was going to keep this. I decided to cut the pages down to size and use that as the background. That way I get to keep the newspaper but in an indirect way. Here's what it looks like :)
What a beautiful language! So my plan is to put pictures over the areas where there were pictures in the paper and around those areas. I want to keep some of the text from the newspaper showing. Sorry I don't have any pages with pictures yet... I haven't printed them. I will give you an update once I get pictures in there.

So there you go! Hope you like my projects and maybe I gave you some inspiration to start some dream projects!
Do you have any projects you want to get started on?

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