Last Saturday my girlfriends and I went down to Des Moines for the day to do some shopping and just have some quality time. We hit up the mall and went to Red Robin for lunch. It was after lunch that I was most excited for and the main reason we drove 2 hours to shop! Ready for it?!?
That's right! Saturday marked my first time EVER in a Trader Joe's!! AHH!! For those of you who don't know what Trader Joe's is, the store has healthy and more organic foods but at a decent price (like a Whole Foods but cheaper). I never knew what it was until I started reading blogs. One of the blog I frequent the most, Sweet Tooth Sweet Life, always shows new finds from Trader Joe's that Courtney finds and tries out. I emailed her before the trip down to the store and asked her what products I should keep my eyes open for - Thanks Courtney! One of the items on her list was something that sparked my interest in going down to check this place out. Can you guess? Well, my roommate Marci had just received some of their products from her aunt and she had me try Powerberries! WOW!! One of the best little treats I've ever had! :) So energizing and delicious!
After walking up every aisle, some more than once to make sure I didn't miss anything, I walked out of the store with a bag full of goodies. At the checkout, thinking my purchase was going to be about $50 or more, I was pleasantly surprised that my total was only $27.11!! I was very impressed and happy :)
So share with you what I purchased, of course I took some pictures.

This is my load! (Can you tell I like my sweetness?) Do you see what's on the left?
Yep! Powerberries!!
They look like little Whoppers or Junior Mint candies, only WAY WAY better for you! (And dare I say, more delicious, which is why each of us bought 3 bags!)
These Clif bars and Luna bars are things that I see in many blogs, including Courtney's. I checked the price at our Hy-Vee and they were about a quarter the price at Trader Joe's as they are at Hy-Vee. Crazy right!!
So this is something that Courtney recommended to me and said it was delicious. I'm excited to test it out because the description at the bottom of the jar doesn't really explain what it tastes like, so we'll see ;)
Courtney recommended I get the no-guilt brownie mix. However, I've learned that when you get "no-guilt"/"fat-free" products, they replace fat with more sugar and sometimes it's just better to get the original product. I compared these two and sure enough the sugar was about doubled in the no-guilt version. Plus, the fats in the mix weren't the terrible ones AND it's a treat right, so it should be good :)
I forgot to take this out of the fridge for the group photo but Courtney recommended two types of pizza dough and I decided to get the garlic and herb pizza dough. Even as a dough, it smells so good and I can't wait to make homemade pizza soon!

Sorry for all the exclamation points in the post. Can you tell I was excited about my purchase?
I hope all of you are sparked to check out Trader Joe's. Have you ever been? What are your favorite products?

Welcome everyone to my first ever book review! I promise I will not give any ending away (I'm not a spoiler!) but I will give you enough information to get a feel of the book as well as my opinion of the book.
The book I just finished is called The Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright.

This book is about the lovely couple Jack and Laurel, who had been married for almost 40 years, both die in the same night (don't worry this doesn't give anything away!). But just before Jack dies, he writes his last Wednesday Letter, something he had written to his wife every week since they were wed. As their three adult children come home and prepare for their funeral, they find the boxes and boxes filled with these letters. As they go through the letters, they learn about their parents, some things they had no idea about. It is a tale of forgiveness and love and family.
I really enjoyed this book. It was an quick read and easy to follow. My favorite books are the ones where I can feel a connection with the characters and this book did just that! It isn't one of those romantic stories where it seems like the couple has no problems or worries. Jack and Laurel appear as a "real" couple in that they had their troubles and obstacles but their love for each other and God prevailed. I would recommend this book to anyone. It is a book that just sucks you in and something you can't put down.
Also, I just found out that the book has a website (linked to the image above) AND there is a SEQUEL! I can't wait to be able to read that and see where it goes! (ALERT: Don't read the synopsis of the sequel before reading the first book because it gives a minor detail away that you want to leave as a surprise!)

I hope you feel like you would enjoy this book!
What kind of books do you like to read? Any books you would recommend? I'm always looking for new ideas :)