Hey everyone! I'm sorry I've been MIA lately. After summer started, I was trying to organize my life and figure out what I wanted to do. I've also been working a lot this past month, so it's been different trying to balance everything. Not only have I been somewhat busy, but I was having trouble finding inspiration for something to write about that would be worthwhile.
I've been dogsitting this week and have had time to finally write a list of things I wanted to talk about on the blog. One thing I wanted to talk about was the journey Cody and I have jumpstarted again for ourselves. Yesterday was my week 3 weigh-in of our getting fit and healthy journey. Cody and I have began to use myfitnesspal again to keep track of what we eat and our activity. Lately, we have been working out about 2 time a week, but once his schedule becomes more routine with his internship, we will be moving that up to 3 times a week.
I've been researching recipes, foods, workouts to make our lifestyle more healthy. I love to use Pinterest for ideas as well as motivation. I also have found a trainer at our local gym that is a great resource for information and motivation. Are any of you looking to get healthier or more fit? Do you have any ideas to help me too?
For more ideas for you, you can check out my Being Fit board on Pinterest. I plan to separate my cooking and sweets board into healthy and "normal" foods soon to better navigate those recipes.
Along with this intro post, I plan to show you guys a day of eating and exercise for me. I also want to share what things I hope to try in the near future. As of right now, I am 8.2 pounds down since I started (the first week I lost quite a bit because I watched what I ate, cut out pop, and worked out more)! I'm about halfway to my goal for the summer and then this is where I would like to maintain! I also hope to build strength, lose some body fat, and gain more confidence. What are your goals?
Now, I will share some motivating quotes I've found (all on my Being Fit board)!
Let's get up and get moving together! :)

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