Instead of a Pinterest Friday post, I decided to a post on this challenge I'm now a part of. It is called the 2012 Closeout Workout Challenge. As it started yesterday (sorry I'm a day late but you can catch up no problem!), the goal is to do 2,012 reps of 2-5 exercises by December 31st. Courtney from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life is hosting this event and is even giving out prizes to selected participants that complete this challenge. What a great way to leave 2012 with a bang! Courtney even did the math: if you do 5 exercises (you can choose just about anything but if you need ideas, there are some listed on her post that I linked above), you only need to complete 13 reps of each exercise everyday and you will reach 2012 by the end of the month - now that makes it sound so much more attainable!!
From Courtney's post about the challenge on (thought this post needed a photo)
If you want to join us, Courtney shared the link to Challenge Loop (where the challenge is located) on her post. (P.S. You all should follow her blog because it is great!)
I already did my first 26 reps of 5 exercises and it took no more than 10 minutes! Great addition to any day because it takes little time and makes you feel awesome! :) Plus, it will make you feel better about maybe having that extra piece of pie during this holiday season without going overboard. T
What do you think? Are you in? :)

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