Hey everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. It's been crazy over here with constant studying for my 4 tests and it didn't help that our internet was down for 2 days! (Not very convenient as a college student)
Last weekend, I had my anniversary with Cody and we had a wonderful day together :)
This weekend we have a wedding to go to and the rest of the time will be relaxing and productive.
There's something I want to share before I do my Pinterest Friday that was brought to my attention by one of my favorite bloggers Courtney and I completely agree with her!
Check out this video from Good Morning America addressing the magazine article featuring Jennifer Lawrence, the actress from The Hunger Games.
Jennifer shares in the article that she is seen as "fat" and "obese" in the eyes of Hollywood. Umm... have you seen her?!?
Came from the same source as the video linked above
This girl is so beautiful! I do not see how this is "fat." Our standards of beauty have altered so much over time and I think it is way to extreme!! How does this make you feel?

Here are my favorite pins from the week! Enjoy!
I am a sucker for a cute engagement video, but this one was so beautiful! It just made me happy and smile and even shed a couple tears :)
I've really been trying to get back into the routine of working out and making healthier choices. These wise words are something I need to remember! Thanks Ashley for the post (which includes a walking workout that I'm looking forward to trying!)
I love looking at homes and all the character they hold. This room is beautiful with the barnwood floors, rafter ceiling, and stone fireplace. I would love this kind of look in my home :)
I would definitely not call myself a morning person. Because of this, sometimes I don't want to get out of bed and actually turn my alarm off while in partial sleep. This alarm clock only turns off if you step on it... I REALLY need this!
This is a dessert that Courtney from the blog Sweet Tooth Sweet Life (one of my favorites!) and it looks so delicious! I have a such a sweet tooth! ;)
Have a wonderful weekend!! :)

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