So as I said in a previous post, I was going to share a full week of my outfits. I have been really good about fulfilling my challenge to dress more sophisticated and teacher-like. I feel I've accomplished it so far! What do you think? How could I improve?
Sorry about the picture quality. I had to take a "selfie" and I couldn't use the flash on my camera.
Top: Younkers
Black Jean Skinnies: Old Navy
Grey Boots: Younkers
Necklace: Maurices (I think... it's old)

Tuesday I forgot to take a picture.
I wore a purple long-sleeve cowl-neck sweater under a jean jacket from Old Navy with khaki skinnies and black leather boots from Vanity. I finished it off with a necklace from Lia Sophia.
Wednesday was Cody's 21st birthday so we went out to a nice restaurant for dinner then hit up the casino and had a drink. I wore the outfit Cody got me for Christmas.
Top: Vanity
Cardigan: Vanity
Skinny Jeans: Maurices
Mary Jane Heels: Shoe Carnival
Necklace: Vanity
Top: Younkers
Cardigan: Vanity
Skinny Jeans: Maurices
Grey Boots: Younkers (Although I think I wore my black leather boots earlier in the day)

Friday I was sick with a cold that is going around and didn't have class so I stayed home in my comfy clothes. (Obviously no picture of that)
Saturday we threw a surprise birthday party for Cody and he sure was surprised! He kept asking, "How did I not know?" :)
I wish I would've gotten a full body picture of my outfit because I was wearing these cute fuschia heels with a ruffle around the opening of the front of the shoe.
Top: Goodwill
Black Blazer: Younkers
Skinny Jeans: Maurices
Purple Heels: Shoe Carnival
Necklace: Lia Sophia (same one I wore on Tuesday)

Hope you enjoyed! I will be posting again on Wednesday to

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