About a week and a half ago I purchased this beautiful pencil skirt from Conversation Pieces, a boutique located in LA (sorry but it is all sold out). I originally saw it on Putting Me Together (in this post, she shows a great way to wear it and different options in place of this skirt) and just thought how great it would be for teaching!

The next purchases came from our weekend trip to Minneapolis!!
I found this cute short-sleeved cardigan at Marshalls on clearance. This will be great for when the weather gets warmer and I have to cover my shoulders during teaching.
Cotton On, a great store I was recommended to, had some really good sales. I got this coral high-low short-sleeve top for only $5 and then the scarf was $5 with any purchase :)

The next clothing purchases are from The Limited, a store I was just introduced to by Lauren from The Budgeting Fashionista. She really likes the store and had some cute outfits!
We walked in the store just in time because 10 minutes later we would've missed the opportunity to get anything original priced 50% off! Also, anything on clearance was an additional 30% off! Crazy right?
The floral bottoms on the left are a crop pant and were on the clearance rack and I got them for about $10! The khaki and black bottoms are also crop but fit almost like a capri. They are the same pant... I felt that since they were 50% off I should take advantage of the deal. Plus, I needed dressy cropped pants for teaching and black and khaki were the best choices! I originally saw the black pants on Lauren's blog :)

I'm excited for those floral pants. Any suggestions on how to wear them? Have you ever had pants like this?
This black peplum was super comfy but dressy enough for anything!
I love this shirt! I fit really well and is great for teaching. The sleeve is right at the edge of my shoulder, so I might still have to wear a cardigan when I teach but I am totally okay with that.
This shirt was also really comfy and perfect for teaching! It was a soft sheer and I LOVE the pattern! (It kind of looks white but it is more of a cream/nude color)

While we were in the Mall of America, I also got a chance to go into Typo. (I know it's on the style page, but I figured condensing everything into one post was the best choice.) It is actually connected with Cotton On, so they also had amazing deals!
The folders were 5 for $5 as well as the pens (mix & match!). And just like Cotton On, they had an item that was $5 with any purchase... hence the desk fan! This fan has a USB plug in, so you use your computer to power it... cool right?!
Have you ever heard of an erasable highlighter? I sure hadn't!
The black pens with colored lids had needle-like points, while the colored pencil pens aren't colored pencils at all! The "sharpened" end pulls off as the lid! :)

While in Minneapolis, we also went to IKEA (FIRST TIME!) and discovered some good finds!
$5 counter ironing board... already had the iron at home haha!
These glasses were such a good deal! The short ones were $2.99 for the PACK! Cody has been venturing out and trying different scotches and he thought these were the perfect size. The WHITE wine glasses (didn't know there was a different between white and red until now) were less than $4 for the PACK! STEALS! :)
We could use another cutting board, and this one was $1... Perfect!

This next purchase was probably my favorite of the weekend... other than those black pants (I was pretty excited about those!)
Can you guess what it is?!
Yep! A new entertainment center! It was a great deal and it was the one thing I was for sure looking for when we went to IKEA! It has great extra storage and fits our TV well! The picture looks like it is black wood but it is more of a black-brown.
(If you look in the TV you can see Cody pretending he's lounging back, watching TV. HAHA!)
I got a chance to move some of the stuff that was on my bookshelf onto the entertainment center, and I think it looks great! What do you think? I still have to go buy a couple fabric boxes for the cubbies on the bottom (to hide all those wires).

Because of its size, I had to move my desk out to the front porch, but with some of the items moving to the entertainment center, I was able to put some of my desk items on my bookshelf. Good solution!
I bought this book last week while walking around Barnes & Noble and $5 was hard to pass up! I wanted to read the book before seeing the movie and never got around to either. Have any of you read it?
I wanted to end this post with something I didn't buy but my dad bought for me a while ago and I just got it. He pulled off the road one day when the rain was bad and went into this little store and picked this out for me! Isn't it cute?! I love my dad! :)

I plan to do a full recap of my Minneapolis trip and all we did later this week! Have a great week!
6/25/2013 07:25:46

Love all your purchases! You'll love the peplum top - I wear it constantly and the pants will become a summer staple! I'd try the floral pants with chambray or a navy tee or cardi to let the focus be on the pants :) I forgot to mention The Limited has a teacher's discount! It's either 15 or 20 percent when you show your teachers card!


6/25/2013 13:10:40

Thanks! I'm excited about my peplum! It is the second one I have purchased. I used to think peplums would hit me in the worst spot and just did not look good on me, but now I'm seeing they do! :) Thanks for the suggestion! Would you ever wear another color with those pants? NO WAY! I'm so excited to officially become a teacher then be able to use the discount! That made my day! :)


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