Hi everyone! I'm sorry I haven't been back in a few weeks. But finals went really well and summer has started out nicely!

I know it is not Pinterest Friday, but I wanted to do a specific edition of a Pinterest post and focus on some great teacher pins I've found lately. If you want to see more, take a look at my teaching board!
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I'm always looking for ways to connect with the parents and this is a great way to provide a connection between them and the class.
I haven't looked at the website at a great extent yet but I certainly plan to as she provides a step by step process of organizing a classroom as well as so much detail! I can't wait to sit down, take some time, and learn a lot from her!
This is a great idea! If the student did not turn in the assignment, they fill out a form with the date, the assignment, and why it was not turned in. This gives teachers physical evidence to show parents as to why their child may not be doing well.
Being a social studies teacher, I am very fond of review games as a way to study facts and information for tests. This website gives a variety of templates to use. I would have never thought to use a game like Connect Four!
I saved the BEST for last! I found this today and believe it may be my dream planner! It has so many great pages that would be utilized, wonderful color, and supplements my need to be organized. The only downside is that they start at $59 :( The link that is connected with the image has links within to take you to the actual store's website (the blog linked shows her personalized planner she bought).

Did any of these pins catch your eye?

I'll be back probably on Sunday to share about the wedding I'm attending (LOVE weddings!) :)
Have a great weekend!

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