One week ago today began celebrating my birthday! Technically, my birthday was on Monday but so much happened during the entire week it almost felt like we were celebrating all week long.

I decided to wear the dress that mom gave me for my birthday to dinner with Cody. It was super comfy and adorable!
Cody even had a titch of blue in his outfit :)
It was up to me to decide where to eat and I originally picked a restaurant. But throughout the day, all I could think about was pizza from one of our favorite places, so we switched to...
We had some delicious drinks and ordered some cheesy garlic bread before getting our pizza. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the garlic bread, but trust me, it look as good as it tasted.
Because Cody loves pepperoni and I don't, we did half Canadian bacon too (my favorite!) and it was delicious!
After supper, we walked up and down Main Street to see if any of the shops were open. They weren't (sad face), so we just went to get dessert. We hit up Yogurt Pro for frozen yogurt. I was going to get Mango Sorbet but then I tasted the chocolate and fell in love (as always). Then topped it off with Oreos and M&Ms :) Cody had his favorite... caramel!
After dessert, we were so full we went home and watched a movie on Netflix and wound down.


I took a trip down to Des Moines to see my old roommate Marci, since I hadn't seen her in a while! While I was down there, I stopped at one of my favorite stores before meeting Marci.
I also had time to check out this teacher store I had heard about, and I bought a book for new middle school teachers.
After meeting up with Marci, we went to eat at this place called El Bait Shop that had great food for low cost! Then we hit up The Patio, a rooftop bar for a drink. However, we didn't stay long there because it was so hot! So we went back to her apartment and hung out until I had to leave to come back home.
Boy, do I miss this girl!


We decided to have a BBQ at the house and invite a bunch of friends over. We did a BYOM (Bring Your Own Meat) kind of gathering, so we had a variety of things brought. After eating we played pool, football in the yard, and had great conversations. Sadly, I didn't think to take any photos to share but take my word for it... it was a lot of fun!


We were going to go over to my parents' house for a birthday dinner but someone had a really bad flu and we didn't want to take the chance of catching anything. So, I made dinner at home, but our friend Cole came over for supper and played Mario Party with us before he had to leave for Wyoming the next day. It was a good time... and I WON! :)


Cody and I went out to eat with some friends then hit up the casino and then went out for a while and just had a good time! Again, sadly no photos.


I started my day out going to a workout class at my gym and oh, did it kick my butt! I am still sore from this class! But, it will be all worth it and I am actually excited to see what this next Saturday has in store.
Later that day, Cody and I went to a minor league baseball game with some friends and had a really good time! It had been a long time since I had been to one. We also hit up Applebee's for half-off appetizers after the game.

We ended the week with a relaxing day at home. We did go out to eat for supper then watched another movie on Netflix to end the night.

All in all, I had a wonderful week full of happy moments and friends!

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