Hey everyone!
Again, sorry it's been awhile since I've been writing... every time I would want to write something else would come up! Well, I'm back with an update from this Christmas season. I wanted to share all about what has been going on!
The week before Christmas my mom and I had our annual Christmas baking day! We have our usual recipes we do but we always try new recipes each year (I will dedicate my Pinterest post tomorrow to the treats I picked from there). We started at 9:00 am with making doughnut holes with my new maker I got from my roommate for Christmas for the house for breakfast and continued to constantly make goodies until about 7:00 pm... even then we weren't done. I made one last cookie Wednesday and my friend Micah helped me to frost the sugar cookies on Friday. Here are some pictures from that day!
We even had to bring in this long table from the garage for more surface space! :)
That's my mama! :)
Our finished homemade sugar cookies with homemade frosting. Yum!
Wednesday, Cody and I decided to swap gifts because our roommate Dan and his girlfriend Micah were ready to as well so we all did it together then watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas while we waited for the snowstorm to begin. Here is what Cody got me! He picked it out all on his own and did so well! I loved it all :)
Since we were snowed in on Thursday, we all hung out and played Battle of the Sexes (I got that for Cody this year haha!)
Friday and Saturday weren't anything special... just working, hanging out, and getting ready for the FIVE Christmases I had coming up!
#1 - Sunday morning we had Cody's grandparents Christmas. We had a great breakfast and good company!
#2 - Christmas Eve night (Monday) we went to Cody's 2nd grandparents for their gathering and we had good food, conversation, and lots of family! When we got home we watched the Grinch as a family :)
#3 - CHRISTMAS MORNING!! We got up and had Christmas morning with Cody's parents and siblings. Lots of smiles and great gifts! Then we had a great breakfast... definitely had to pace myself that day because I knew we had lots of food to eat that day!
#4 - Christmas Day after we all got ready Cody's Grandma, Great-Grandma, Aunt, Uncle, and cousins came over for that gathering and we had lunch and just hung out for a bit.
#5 - Christmas Night after we got back from Cody's parents' house we headed over to my parents' house finally! When we got there we had a delicious dinner of pot roast, potatoes, corn, crescent rolls... the works! We then went into the living room for opening presents and had so much fun! To complete the night, we played Battle of the Sexes and Catch Phrase as a family :) Here are some pictures from that night!

The dogs got new toys!
And some treats!
Stockings first!
My brother and his girlfriend made some of Cody's gifts into a game :)
We had a wonderful Christmas!!!
How was your Christmas (or Christmases as in my case)?
What is your favorite part of Christmas?


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