Today in my Human Relations class, we had a guy by the name of Mike Finley come in and talk to us about becoming financially educated. He teaches the Financial Literacy Club on my college campus and gave us some great advice and resources!
He started off by showing this video, which was really eye-opening with some tips on what we can do to better our money situation. You should definitely take the time to watch it!

As a college student who has bills to pay and still wants to save money, it can sometimes be hard with the amount of money I make. You also want to be able to go out with friends on occasion, and not have to tell them you can't go out because you don't have any money.
Mike made the point that you can educate yourself on your own time. AVOID PEOPLE IN THE SUITS! Although it may not seem like it, they just really like the money you are spending to get advice you could discover on your own.
Mike has his own website that answers a lot of questions and provides many resources for us to be more educated. It is called (memorable right?)
Some of the books that are on the "Recommended Reading" page were ones that Mike showed us in class.
Personal Finance for Dummies is a book that is great for beginners and Mike said the author talks to his readers as if they were family, not a customer.
Your Money or Your Life: One thing from this book Mike talked about was the Fulfillment Curve. As you spend money, you will go up the side of the bell curve until you have enough to feel fulfilled but if you continue to spend more and more stuff past that point, you will never be fulfilled.
The Total Money Makeover: Author Dave Ramsey is someone I have heard great things about and has great advice and procedures to reduce and eliminate debt.
Millionaire Teacher: this is a book I am very excited to read!!
I plan to buy and read some if not all of them!

Because I do not plan to work during student teaching (since it is like a full time job in itself), I am building my savings account so I can use that to pay my bills during that time. I am always looking for new ways to budget or save money and to learn how to manage my money. I do not excessively spend but there are times that I could rethink why I am buying something. I'm hoping these resources will help me in the future!

Would you use these resources?
How do you manage your money? Any advice?

"Money isn't about being rich, it's about enriching your life."

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