Happy Thursday everyone!
I hope y'all are having a wonderful week... I know I am! Especially after surviving last week AND the fact that tomorrow marks the first day of Thanksgiving break!!!!! I love having a full week off to do all kinds of things as you can see from the list below ;)
I mentioned before how much of I love lists and it was lists like this one that kept me on track and stress-free last week!
Is there anyone else that uses lists as much as I do? (I even re-write them if they get too messy and also add things just to cross them off!)

I really took my lists to the next level when I wrote my grocery list (I even had to staple the darn thing!) and oh my gosh you should've seen the haul I brought in the house Monday night!! We definitely don't need groceries for A WHILE! I made several stops and it took me a couple hours, BUT I was proud of myself. I have been starting to watch what kinds of foods I'm eating, which was reflected in my grocery list. When I was in the stores, I took the time to compare nutrition labels and ingredients lists and I spent a solid 20 minutes or longer in the PRODUCE section! (This has not been the norm in my life) Just taking this improved lifestyle one baby step at a time :)
After I brought home all these groceries, I realized that I was running out of places to put things! AHHHHH!! Our kitchen does not have as much cabinet space as I would like, which is why we have this stand in the kitchen. However, you can tell I was running out of space in those fabric boxes by the cardboard box FULL of food next to it on the floor. I should've taken a picture of our cool drawer in the fridge where all the cheese and lunch meat goes... it has almost no more room! So, one of the things on my to-do list is to do an organizing overhaul of our kitchen! I don't plan to move too many things around because then our roommates won't know where anything is anymore, but I want to make it seem like we have more space than we actually do. To utilize all the space possible, I plan to also see if there is any area of our mud porch (the door on the right of the picture leads to the porch) that could be used for things we don't always use. This is DEFINITELY a task I am excited to tackle! Am I the only one that has an abnormal love for organizing? :)
Speaking of tackling areas of the house that need organizing, let's move to our closet... [I apologize if it seems like a mess... it's just cluttered, I promise ;)]
As I was putting away laundry the other day, I was becoming frustrated with our closet. It has a lot of space compared to the other closets in the house (the few we have) as it runs from wall to wall. BUT, it is maybe a foot and a half wide (as seen in the first picture below) so that makes it hard to get to the far ends of the closet, especially on my half. The closet organizer in the picture above and the shelving/rod combo in the second picture below were both here when we moved in, and because we live in a rental, we can't change it out :(
Towels are in the closet because we have almost no storage in the bathroom as well :(
My closet is normally very organized as it is arranged my color (not in rainbow by any means but all the like colors are together) with tank/sleeveless tops first followed by the rest of my tops, then skirts and dresses, then dress pants, and finally sweatshirts and other off-season jackets (I would put these in a hall closet if we had one... again lack of storage space). The pictures visualize how the rest of my half of the closet is arranged. I need to figure out a way to make this closet work better for me! Readers (if you are out there!), do you have any advice for me on how to make my closet more efficient and less frustrating for me? I am a very organized person, and I love going through my closet; however, with such a conflicting space to work with, sometimes I feel at a loss as what to do. It needs an organization overhaul!!

As you saw from my "During Break" list at the beginning of this post, I have a lot to check off in only one week, and I know it probably all won't get done because I'll get caught up in relaxing and having fun with family and friends. But this is okay with me. I can just add whatever is left to my "Christmas Break" list that is yet to be made ;)

Any tips and tricks and advice would be appreciated!
Hope you have a great rest of the day! I know I will... Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere tonight!!!! :D

Is anyone else standing in line for this big event?

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