Exactly one week ago today I was heading home from my first day in my third field experience for my education major at UNI. I spent last week at West Fork Middle School and it couldn't have went any better! I connected with my students, gained a wonderful relationship with my cooperating teacher, and taught a lesson to seventh graders. Not only did I work with 7th grade world geography students and 8th grade U.S. history students, but I also was able to work with a 7th grade reading class that my teacher helps with as well as a 6th grade reading class that my teacher team-taught with because there were both special ed and general ed students that read below their grade level. I connected with students from all the classes and had such amazing experiences! Here are some pictures of my classroom!
My cute little desk :)
I want a classroom library like this!
This is my morning 8th grade class busy at work (view from my desk)
I learned so much during this week immersion in the classroom! My teacher answered so many questions and gave me great feedback! I was able to videotape my lesson that I taught (debating whether to post it or not) and my coordinator came to watch me and also gave me great compliments and feedback! In the next few posts, I will include the questions I have been wondering and what answers I have gained. My teacher also gave me some fantastic resources that I will share with you! I have also thought about taking pictures of the outfits I wore during the week - I looked quite cute and professional if I do say so myself! ;)

Are any of you readers teachers or future teachers?
Are there any questions you might have?

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